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sales rep position

Guest metint

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Guest metint

fax resume to 276.627.3032 attention M. Holland.

window tinting exp.

college degree

driver license

able to travel

communications skills

business exp.

The deadline for faxing resumes is April 13th

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degree in sales? why would you need a degree? wouldnt a knowledge of the industry be a little more helpful. How many tinters you know with a college degree? hell if I had a college egree I wouldnt be a tinter.

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Guest metint

No idea why a degree is ask for... a formality, I spose. :DD

I agree with TTC, many top producers are generally those with less schooling. :evilgrin

They made an exception when they hired the likes of metint, only an Associates in Art so the 16 years in the business I had at the time was taken into consideration for my lacking in school time. :DD

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I agree with all the above comments , however it appears that Metint is the messenger of the position..not the hirer of the job..perhaps it's an issue to take up with the hirer instead of shooting the messenger :DD

Deadlines soon..looks like a good position for someone out there...any takers yet?

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