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The New "Michael Vick Experience?" Woman Sues NFL Star Over STD, Claims He Used Silly "Ron Mexico" Alias - BadJocks took some flack Tuesday for being one of the first websites to post a story about the Falcon's Michael Vick being sued by a woman after he allegedly gave her herpes. The message board we first linked to as a source suddenly pulled the page and we were pelted with messages from angry Atlanta fans accusing us of trying to smear their beloved QB. We stuck by our sources and also contacted our friends at TheSmokingGun.com and guess what they found? Yep, an actual copy of the lawsuit filed back on March 14 against Mr. Vick. In it, a Georgia woman by the name of Sonya Elliot claims that he gave her herpes in April 2003 after an unprotected encounter at the athlete's home in Duluth, Georgia. The lawsuit goes into great details about how the couple met, how often they had protected s*x, and the one fateful day Mike didn't were a condom. Oh, and the fact that he never warned her about his allegedly contagious condition and didn't return her phone calls when she found out she was infected. Her suit insists that a pro athlete such as Vick had to have known from numerous required physicals and claims when confronted with the news about the STD that he admitted he had it, but felt embarrassed about telling her. There is no dollar amount attached to the suit, but given that Herpes Simplex 2 cannot be cured and--at least according to the lawsuit--is painful and frequently debilitating, you can bet she's going to want a pretty good chunk of change. There's also an interesting side note where she claims that Vick has been tested for herpes several times under the alias Ron Mexico. Not sure why, but it sounds like a goofy spy name to me. To be fair, anyone can file a lawsuit and it has not been proven that Vick actually has herpes or that he gave them to this woman. We'll keep you posted on the progress of the case though. Read the lawsuit for yourself here. (Thanks to TheSmokingGun.com for doing the leg work and to Fark.com for the graphic.)
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