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New to detailing - anyone wanna take time out

Guest daddy_mack

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Guest daddy_mack

I have been reading the forum approx a week now fellas . I own an 86' T-Type regal with immaculate paint that I simply have detailed and polished out as needed - once a year - after car comes out of storage .

My girl owns a 2003 Kia Spectra that I want to be my test dummy subject . I dont even know if it is clear coated , but I seriously doubt it . It has paint chips that I will be doing , with paint str8 from Kia , then I need a rundown of what I should buy just to get it up to par basically . It's her money and my time , so no biggie . It has a body FULL of swirl marks though ..

Tell me am I on the right track for cost effectiveness as these products wont be used but every so often . We are in Ohio - car needs long lasting protection + a nice shine AFTER paint is prepped properly . I will use the higher quality products once on her car and save for myself the rest to give my car a hand rub and try and save some $$ ...

Allrighty then ..

1.) Featheredge chips/scratches , clean car intensely - prime if needed , fill scratches/chips in stages

2.) Wetsand repairs level with 1000, 1500

3.) Wash car and use paint cleaner from Meguiars' ( already have 3 step kit - might as well use )

~ here is the point where I hope I can start getting help

4.) Inspect for clay bar treatment necessity - what is a decent cheaper clay bar ? Meguiars okay ?

Now what I should use from this moment on ? I am considering an el-cheapo RA orbital http://advance-auto1932quality.crossmedias...uffer%26go%3dGo I checked today - it is random fine for a one hitter quitter rub out of the swirlies and to level paint better after clay treatment ?

I have 3m Perfect-It 2 polishing compound ( for hand or machine ) so I suppose I would use this after rubbing it all out ?

I then want to to a polymer sealant . Zaino seems pretty darn nice and price is decent .

Lemme know what you guys think as far as products , what pads I need and what polishes/waxes I could use OVER a polymer sealant / glaze ..

thanx so much tintdude and crew - this forum is so rich with knowledge , but I know a Kia might not be worth an all out top-o-da-line product detailing ..

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