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Guest Jason

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Guest Jason

How the hell do you get the brake light outta these things :lol

Even if I cut it out, theres still two rubber nubs in the way. I tried sliding the tint by those nubs and damaged it in the process :popcorn:shower I could always cut it a little higher above the nubs, but that would leave a light gap visible from the drivers seat... unacceptable.

I have already broken all 4 plastic screws that come thru the top of the trunk (whatever, replaceable) . Ive tried prying it every way possible with no luck .

This was such an easy car to tint too- god damn ford design team can suck my nuts- why make a rear brake light so hard to take out??? what if the light burnt out?

I dunno, but im going to lose it soon- damn cars due first thing in the am.

Any help?- It would be appreciated.


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Guest ninjatinter

This may not help, but I did one about 4 months ago. I did not cut out the tail light, however I don't recall hoe the light came out. Have you popped the trunk, and looked up there? If not , I am sure Old T is correct. :popcorn

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Guest Jason

I dont know hoe :shock the light comes out either. there is 4 white plastic screws that come thru the top of the trunk... you would think that if you removed them the light would just pop out... nope... must just be a decoy.

I just said fuk it and cut off the rubber nubs protecting the rear glass. done.

thanks anyhoo :lol

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I did one yesterday and for whatever reason ford has mated that plastic housing for the 3rd brakelight to the rear deck :spit it looks like it would come off but I couldnt get it for nothing. I folded down the top of the backseats and popped 3 plastic clips ( one in th emiddle and one on each side behind a side seat bolster) and grabbed the deck and pulled it back just enough to get behind it :mad the whole car was easy except fot all that bullshivet. the next time I guarantee I will cut around that damn light, no problem fvck it. typical ford.

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