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I'm in trouble

Guest Marco

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Guest Marco

Tonight my g/f killed a duck and now I'm in trouble. She was driving down the street and seen a duck so she swirves out of the way only to hit another duck. She calls the police to get help for this duck but within three minutes it had died. I get a phone call and she is crying about how she killed this duck and the first thing that comes out of my mouth is..how's the car? :shock Well now she is mad at me. I wish I had thought about that question before asking it :lol

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Guest thetintshop

:shock don't feel bad, I would have asked the same thing.

actually, I would have been mad that she swerved. :lol women will swerve for a damn animal, and swerve right into oncoming traffic. :lol

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Guest Marco
I can top this story though.  My wife ran over a rabbit....on EASTER SUNDAY  :shock  cried and cried...like she killed the Easter bunny.  :lol

Don't tell her I told you guys  :lol


:lol2 She killed Thumper

The bad part of what happened is not only did she call the police but she is blocking traffic and screaming at people..go around you fk'n idiot. There she is on the side of the road telling this duck she didn't mean it, omg I'm so sorry and what do I do what do I do..All I could do was laugh :lol Then I hear a scream, it fipped over on it's back..flapped it's wings kicked it's feet then flat lined. Ok, it's a duck..sad to say it was road k!ll but damn at least the car is ok :lol

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Guest Braud Spectrum
the first thing that comes out of my mouth is..how's the car? :wall Well now she is mad at me. I wish I had thought about that question before asking it  :lol6


I had a boyfriend (many many years ago :dunno ) that asked to use my truck so he could get some lumber so I took his stupid idiotic Porsche to work. On the way some guy with no taillights no drivers license and naturally no insurance stopped unexpedly. Yes :lol6 I was too close and got a ticket when I rear ended him. No one was hurt. But when my boyfriend called my work later that day to see if he could come trade back vehicles... When I told him I had been in an accident... first thing out of his mouth was "My car!" Not "Were you hurt?"

Needless to say he's history. :lol6

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Females are kinda funny about hitting living things :dunno

My step mom was taking my daughter to her horse back riding lessons when the hit a peacock :lol6

to this day she can't look at one without crying.

Now this is the same girl that when she was about 5, would say "its not the cars fault if the animal is dumb enough to run infront of a car" (after seein a squirrel pan cake) :lol6

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Guest Eclipse

How is the car would have been the first thing out of my mouth.

On a similar note. I was driving home 3 days ago and all of a sudden a young small black lab ran out in front of my Yukon. I didn't have any time to swerve, brake or anything. Both front and rear passenger side tires rolled over that dog. I slammed on the brake and looked in the side rearview mirror. I saw a something black rolling into the curb. I went down to the next street and turned around and drove back to the scene of the crime. I can't find that damn dog anywhere. I went up to the house where I thought the dog lived and the old lady there said she doesn't have a dog, and there are no neighbors that live close by. So the lady and her son and I search everywhere for this dog. In the bushes under cars. We covered about 2 acres and never found that dog. :DD Must have been ok.

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