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My new tinter

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I took my daughter with me to work today. She decided she wanted to try to tint something. Like her dad...tinting wasn't enough, she had to try some graphics. :dunno Afterwards she said, "Hey dad, if I move to Texas I can be TexasTintChick #2." :lol6:lol6 She didn't do too bad...it was tough for her using the olfa for graphics, since it was her first time ever cutting film. :lol6



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cool photos....I have two little girls and one loves being at the shop...ages 5 and 3..my son is 14 almost 15 and has no ambision of tinting....I wish I could have learned tinting at 15just think how much he can make doing cars from classmates... well good for me cause I do them now..*L*...and what cool think to do while at college a couple cars a week rather than getting a job and working so many more hours for so little pay....f'in kids.....some times you want to just shake them...

any way you got a cute kid...its cool haveing them at work with you.... :dunno

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Guest ninjatinter

Hey Blade my girlfriend desighns clothes, let me know if you need a custom tool pouch for your lil cutie pie tintchick!!! What a doll. Thats awesome!!!! :dunno

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