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AutoMagic Tornador

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Just got this thing on friday and I have high hopes for it. It is kind of hard to descibe, but basicall it is a gun that you hook to your airline. Kind of looks like a paint gun. Holds a solution in a small tank. The barrel of the gun is fluted like a small trumpet and there is a small plastic line inside. when you hit the trigger this airline spins around super fast and sprays a fog of the solution mixed with the air for your airline.

here is the crazy part. Point it to vinyl surfaces and squeeze the trigger and it cleans everything. Vents, cracks and grime just blow off. It leaves the surface slightly damp, so just hit the swithch to turn off the solution and the air dries the solution instantly.

Have only used it on a few interiors, but this thing may change our interior process dramatically. We clean tractor trailers also and I expect to save ten minutes a truck by using this on the vinyl.

Sorry no pics. I'll update after this thing gets some more use.

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gun was $100. Gallon of the solution is $12 and seems like it should last a long time.

We experimented on tractor trailer interiors yesterday. The tornador did an awesome job. It cleaned out ashtrays and cupholders way easy. We tried using a small portable air compressor and it did not keep up. had to wait for the tank to refill. Not a problem with our big tank back at the shop.

I dont think that this thing can do a perfect job on dirtier cars but it seems to work great on your average car.

Anyone else clean rigs? We clean a couple thousand a year and this mobile service with one employee makes as much profit as the detail shop with 5 employees.

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whats the name of this product, I belive if I put it into google it will tell me a couple places where I can buy it online.

cant wait to see some picks!

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Guest hawkinschevcadillac

wow, the automagic tornado....the thing sucks. Also had high hopes for it when we got one in our shop. The guy in our shop who bought it thought it was going to be the best thing we had, boy was he wrong, I cleaned a door on a truck that was just as dirty by hand better than that piece of junk did, and faster. I think it's a waste of money.

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