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Remote Start not working when cold

Guest liesureman

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Guest liesureman

Need some help: I have a Viper Remote Start on a '04 F-150. Anytime it's below 30 degrees F, the unit doesn't work.

The starter doesn't crank, the lights don't flash, I hear no clicking. Nothing. But the door locks work, and the lights flash when pressing the lock keys, so the unit is getting that signal. If it's above freezing temps, the darn thing will start fine. And it worked fine all winter...till now. Any ideas?

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what model remote start?? when you issue the start signal, does the truck do anything?? is the unit in valet mode?? these could keep it from starting. :thumb

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Guest zolar

I suspect the F.A.T.S transponder is moving a liitle bit out of range of the ring around the key switch, if it is tied to the wiring harness, it may contract away from the key, or the fats is failing in freezing temps.

Many alarm complaints come from valet mode entered by accident, Buttons 1,2,1 with the door open will put it in or out of valet.

I know it's an old thread, but it may help someone in the future, ( :hide or the past )


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sometimes these transponders (P.A.T.S.) can change their 'value' when the temp. drops. some alarm companies have experimented with inserting them into a 'coffin box' and filling with expansion foam, or other insulating material to isolate from the temp. change and have found decent results. Maybe this could help also. :devilangel

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you need to determine the cause of the problem as there are a couple of things that can actually be causing it.

first off

what unit istalled?

do the parking lights light up on the dash when you attempt to remote start? Does the ignition power on?

if so, does it crank? you need to be inside the vehicle when it is cold and giving you this problem and see if the "theft" light on the dash is blinking(this is another ford right?) if the theft light is blinking when cold, but not when warm then your problem lies within the "key in a box" bypass module that is installed.

you can play games to get it to work, or just install a new bypass that wires in directly and avoids all this hassle.

if the theft light is not the problem report exactly what it does and I will do what I can to lend a hand


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