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Guest Key West

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Guest Key West

This "Lady" brought in a Chrysler Caravan yesterday. 3 child seats in the back. McDonald and Burger king wrappers COVERING the floorboard. hambugers ground into the seats I dont want to know what was covering the windows where the kids had smeared thier sticky little grubbies, dirty diapers,half eaten burgers and fries all over the place and roaches :woowoo The drivers seat wasn't much better. How she could see out the windshield was amazing. ashtray over flowing, cig packs and paper all ver the floor. soda cans etc. and hair every where.

I sent her packing telling her to go to a clean up shop then come back to see me. What sucks is that I needed the job, it's been kinda slow, but NO WAY was I gonna get inside that van!!! :dunno:duck:lol:lol

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