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Warranty claims

Guest Diamond Tints

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Guest Diamond Tints

Guy phones me today and told me he got his car tinted off me about a year ago and brings up the fact that the tints are guaranteed as long as he owns the car I start thinking wtf after a year :idea:idea and said one of the windows are scratched, so he expected me to fix the window that HE scratched and to for me to fix it for free of charge !! :idea:lol2:idea:dunno idiot, just his attitude that got me as if it was my fault

Just wondering what sort of things people tried there luck with ?

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Guest arrogantcancerian

a scratch? I would not expect a scratch to be covered if I was in the same situation.....what would a warranty cover anyway?? thks

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Guest Diamond Tints
so what happend?


Told him that it would have been explained to him what is covered when he got the car back and scratches is definetly not covered and he needs to pay to get it redone after that it was the "I'll get back to you" :idea:dunno

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I've got slightly different slant with warranty claims.

Mine is with a notorius manufacturer's distributor......everything is in place and no question that it is a legit warranty but no payola. :spit

They are ducking and weaving better than a shadow punching boxer on this and are trying to put every obstacle in the way as possible.

It's :spit


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Guest dumplin

If it's a good customer most minor damage done by owner I will cover with no ?'s asked , if it's caused by an umbrella or bicycle usually not . Mostly depends on customers attitude as well as mine

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I had a lady come in last week with a LeBaron Convertible,

binding coming loose, back glass falling out, etc.

Says I installed her top 3years ago, wants to know if I can warranty it for her, keep in mind, she was a nice lady, good attitude.

I asked her if she had the paper work, I always give to customer when I finish, of coarse she doesn't. So I begin looking at the top to see if it is my brand...... There is a Chrysler Emblem in the middle of the back glass!

The thing is, I only use one brand of tops and back glass's...ever.

And that ain't it! So I charged her "patch" what she had, cause of coarse she had no $$$ for a new top and sent her on her way, with a written quote for a new top.

No matter their attitude you gotta watch 'em!

Some folks will try their best to get something for nothing. :duck:DD

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