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Advice about working out in the sun

Guest Solscreen

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Guest Solscreen

Dear tinters,

Could someone help with a small problem, I attempted to tint a rear window of a landcruiser today but gave up after 2.5 hours and four bits of film later, I think I was getting creases because I was out in the sun with it behind me, I am a flat glass man really but can shrink after at least two attempts, but today stressed me out, I could not get the toyota in the garage as its to tall.

I look forward to soem advice chaps on this one, many thanks



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Guest Solscreen

If I can try to remember exactly, ( I have had a glasses of the old vino blanco which hinders the memory some what) I sprayed the window with plexus.

I laid the film over the window, cut to size around the dot matrix, used hands to flaten out and push all the large fingers to top and bottom.

I then started with the gun, moving from one finger to another, I also gunned over the tops of fingers to try and take some more out of the film, it's a quite a narrow window with lots of large fingers.

Then I worked a bit out of each finger reducing the size of film as I worked, using the gun and a towel wrapped 3m card, when the film zig zaged I pushed out towards either top or bottom,

Perhaps my lack of experience with the shrinking method was taking it's toll and being a small area with lots to shrink. In the past when I tinted I would have used a splice, but I would really like to master the art of shrinking with confidence. I have had previous success with a few shrink methods.

Thanks guys, it was a good job this car is for a friend or else I would be embarrassed as hell.

Thanks, Mike.


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I use the dry shrink method with soap.

Shrink across the glass horizontally all the way across, then move up or down to the next line, then across again, working your way up or down, across the glass, not chasing the fingers up or down. Everything lays out better that way for me. :lol6

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