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Guest thetintshop

a high school kid comes in today to have his regular cab truck tinted. I tell him it's gonna be about an hour and a half, so he calls a buddy and he comes and picks him up. while I'm tinting the back glass, there's a pay stub in the seat. (being the nosy fukker that I am) I pick it up and look at it.

the guy works part time at a grocery store. his pay check was for $63.49 for 12.5 hours of work.

he was getting a $95 tint job done on his truck. could you imagine working for 12 and a half hours, and still not have enough to have your truck tinted?

hell, I spent $54 filling my wife's durango up with gas the other day.

yeah I know, he's in high school, and the money he makes is just to blow it on crap he doesn't need, but damn. I think I should start having a little more respect for the customers that spend their hard earned money with me.

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Good post TTS..it's true..and that's why I DO rerspect th younger kids...for 2 reasons:

1. They are spending a much higher percentage of thier pay on me than the older crowd (for the most part)

2. They will be coming back to me with many more cars in thier lifetime than the older crowd ( for the most part) :music

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Guest thetintshop
There's no more decent jobs for kids these days...I always made good money doing whatever, from the time I was about 13. Sucks to be a kid today...... :bs


that's no joke. I grew up working for my dad. from the time I was 10, I only worked a couple hours during the week, and a few on the weekend, but I ALWAYS had money in my pocket. my senior year I had to get a job at a supermarket in the produce section because I was in Ag CoOp. I would work 12-18 hours a week and get a check for for like $45-$65.

on the weekend I would tint a truck and make $90 in under an hour. (this was back when we could stick dyed film on a regular cab truck for $135)

needless to say, I only worked at the supermarket about a month. I found a way to work at my dads shop for my CoOp program. ( :bs I said was working on restoring a tractor)

I hope my kids have sense enough to learn this trade, even if they don't make a career of it. sure beats sacking groceries for minimum wage.

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