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please help....with tar on window

Guest tint4less

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Guest tint4less

how can I remove some type of tarish material from a rear window, its some type of caulk or silicone or something, ive tryied using a blade and adhesive remover but it doesnt work, I also tried a spatula but it doesnt work either. it has this material on it because they some guy put the window in himself and used too much of this stuff. please help. its all over the window.

thanks in advance :beer

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Sounds like windshield urethane.

You ain't gettin' that sh!t off unless you cut it out and scrape it off the glass.

Acrysol helps break it down some, but not so good after it dries.

I've seen some caulk gun happy dumbasses in my time,

glass installation should be ledt to people that know how to do it properly!

Nothing worse than having to cut a headlier loose cause some half trained know it all from Triumph doesn't know when let go of the dam trigger!

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Guest tint4less

damn so what your sayin is it would be easier to get the window replaced and and put in without all that mess on it.

because I need the defogger to be functional. I should just get it replaced then.

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That is a matter of opinion!

If you can't scrape, cut or otherwise get it out of your way,

then yes, if it were me I would replace....

Although without seeing it... kinda hard to tell.

If it's a Back glass you may be able to cut it out, clean it up and install it right.

If it's a windshield, your screwed.. very seldom, if ever does,

a laminated glass come out without breaking.

Stationary glass is a structural member of the vehicle and should be installed properly for safety reasons.:beer

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Guest tint4less

its the rear window ive gotten a little of the stuff of but the blades get stuck and so does the spatula.

thank for tha advice t-detective. :thumb

I hope there is an easier solution.

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Guest Braud Spectrum

I've had a few with that crap down in the bottom of a back glass and the point of my squeegee brings it up with each swipe, then gets all over it, me and every where else I touch. Paper towels stick to it. :thumb Recently I discovered by accident and desperation that starting ether works to get it off. Might be worth a shot. :thumb

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