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why doesnt anybody use the live chat?

Guest tint4less

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Guest Peja43916
how come nobody uses the live chat here at TD.com just wonderin because it seems like a function that can be useful in a way. :thumb


Because it doesn't work.

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chat works just fine ..sometimes it's used lots...sometimes it goes for a week without being used.

I'll check it out some times..usually at night if I'm wide awake and doing nothing else on the comp at the time...or if someone wants to chat 1 on 1 :thumb

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no workie fo me,,, jsut says im unauthorized when trying to log in.

Oh well, I dont have much to say anyways  :cool


that's strange, there are no restrictions on the chat other than being logged in :evilgrin

Is your java up to date?

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my java is the latest, on both laptop and server, and cant get into the chat on either machine,

get the following, Disconnected : error #U724,Authentication failed .

happens immediately if im logged in,

if im logged out and try to chat, a popup appears for username and PW. enter info, then the u724 comes up.

Tried both firefox and IE, but I dont think that makes a difference , since the java console is a seperate


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