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Actually met our rep today...

Guest Mrs RJE

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Guest Mrs RJE

Today whilst visiting a fellow tinter over in Rotherham (approx 15miles from us) we happened to stumble upon one of SG's UK reps.

He was actually very helpful and we managed to bag some freebies while we were there!

Got ourselves 2 big banners, and one of them apron thingys! :hmmm

I love freebies :poop , especially as they charge quite alot for them in the tools catalogue!

He's also going to give us some support when we move back to my hometown in July, as we'll be the only SG users in the area!

And to think all of this happened just because we were popping in to visit a friend! :hmmm

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I changed major film companies 'cause a rep stopped by my place. I figure... if they don't have the time to stop at my business, they don't deserve my business. When thinking about it, I spend thousands of bucks a year on film... they should drop by now and then.

It's cool that you got the free advertising and such, but they should care more about your small business and deliver the stuff. After all, without you selling their product, they won't make crap!

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