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Had a guy book an AM job on 98 MB 430, calls me 30 mins B4 job and leave a message saying that he will not be coming in. So I call back and ask if he needs to reschedule? says "No, I am taking it to the shop down the street, they had $98 all cars advertised." Well when he gets there, that is for a job with NO warranty but one with 3 years is only $139. so he goes to drop the car off. When he gets there the price goes up $10, but he is cool with that, still lower than the $179 I offered.

B4 he pulls off the lot that price goes up to $189 for their top shelf stuff. Now he has a bad felling in his gut, things started out at 98 and went to 189. He says " I had an appointment with ONT, and they were charging 179" James(Guy at shops) says " yea I know HIM (ME), I trained him, he does do good work, OK I will match his price of $179" MB owner says "OK Then" and leaves with wife and kids in the car.

Talking to his wife, says that he doesn't like that way they were doing business and didn't want them working on the car, called back to them and told them not to touch it. then calls me and tell me that he is sorry about B4 and still wants me to do the car as long as my prices is not going to change. I say no, that not how I roll (not really what I said :rollin ), as long as there is not extra cleaning or removal of parts then that is the price for my entry level LuLU(AT). he says good, I will have to drop it off to you later. I offer to go and pick the car up for him so that he doesn't have to leave and so that I won't be sitting around shop waiting. So I go and pick the car up and try to talk to James, just to say Hey and all. He pretends not to be there.... didn't think to wonder why till later. :lol

was it because of the "I trained HIM" comment? :thumb don't know, but I never thouhgt that working with someones was training them. I try to learn from eveeryone that I work with even the noobs. But I am flattered that he wants other to think that my work somehow reflects on him... in other words, he wouldn't be claiming part of my work if I was a Hack :lol I woudl have blushed but I am too dark :lol

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