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Tint from Autozone

Guest markyh

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Guest markyh

I just got a Honda CRV and it has no tint and looks pretty stupid. So I ask a friend of mine at work what kind of tint the shop uses that her fiance works(doesn't own) at. She tells me that I sould just bring my car over to their house and he'd tint it there instead of at work and save me some cash. I wasn't even asking for that because I hate people that are always trying to go cheap and save a buck. I know how most people feel here too after reading posts from this site for the last hour. Anyway, I have to supply the tint. Okay, I know this guy and I know he's the shops tinter and the best in town, but I only know Lumar(his shop uses) and Matco are decent brands. They (my friends) told me to just go to Autozone and get it there. I went to Autozone and it's Gila, it sounds generic and I don't want purple windows in one year. What shoud I do? I was shocked when they said just go to Autozone. :cool

Thanks for any reply.

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Dude, :cool go somewhere else and have it done by someone who isn't doing side work with autozone. If you are concerned about the work (and you wouldn't be if you weren't taking the time to post here) go to a professional shop, and don't go to someone who does side work with the crappiest film on the planet.

Sorry to be blunt, but I hate people that do side work, it is so chicken 5hit, not to mention telling you to get autozone film, you will not be happy with the results or the longevity of the film.

Just spend the money and have it done right by a reputable installer.

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Guest markyh
I do side work all the time...not with autozone film though  :cool

You'd think that if he was as good as you say he is, he would atleast have some decent film to offer you out of his garage.


That's what I was thinking!

I don't mind anyone who side works, but I hate people that ask you to do it, and I didn't want to seem like one of those kind of people. This guy is probably one of the best, all of the dealers even take their cars to the shop he tints for. I guess he doesn't have tint of his own or steal any from the shop. Damn! So I guess I was right, Gila is crappy.

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Guest tint4less

sounds like my work :lol

just kidding.

if you want this guy to tint it still, most shops will sell you film by the foot, (GOOD FILM THAT IS), that would be one way. the other way would be just like TD said and take it to a pro that will provide the film themselves and provide a warranty also, im pretty sure this guy wont offer you warranty on auto zone film so stay away from that. :cool

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Guest zolar

I would be seriously concerned about the warranty issue, auto zone sure wont honor one.

side job slingers rarely offer a reciept, much less a roll id #, for warranty purposes.

I would pay the best shop in town thier asking price, and know if you have trouble,

they will probably still be in buisiness, and answering the phone. Insist on metallized film,

or it will be purple after 1 season in the sun.



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Guest Jason
:beer And I thought Gila was a pretty decent film... :lol  :lol


I dont know about the longevity of Gila. But I did try to install it once (customer wanted blue tint)

I found it very difficult to work with. No matter how much slip solution I used, it seemed impossible to shift around once on the glass. Anyone have the same problem? regardless I'll probably never use it again.

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