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Problem with small bubbles

Guest biddy

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Guest biddy

I am just starting out tinting and I am having problems with these small bubbles in the tint. I am using Johnson tint. The bubbles are very small, about the diameter of a needle head. The bubbles are in concentrated areas. I clean the windows first with a razor blade and soapy water, and then squeegee it. Can any one tell me what causes these bubbles? :beer

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Guest shattered

Dirt or contamination

there is a nice list the board has put together to help remedy this problem. Hopefully someone will post it for you.

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Re posted from zolar

who reposted from metint

who ..........................

hope this helps

1. Find a bug zapper that will work on gnats... and other critters.

2. Minimize the time between peeling the liner and placing the film onto the glass...

3. Do not walk forward with your peeled pattern, step backwards, this way you are not using your peeled film as a catch net for airborne contaminants...

4. Cut a white Teflon into a triangle, wrap it with a micro-fiber cloth, jam it between glass and frame and wipe those crevices (window glass channels) clean... or use a chamois to perform this.

5. Wipe off the top ledge of the roll down glass...

6. If you use a pressure sprayer with a hose, put an inline gas filter between bottle and trigger... or make your own simple filter for the sprayer using a shop towel. Tear a small piece away a shop towel and place it over the intake tube in your sprayer.

7. Air handling unit (ac/heat)? Filter at intake and output...

8. Never, never, absolutely never where sweaters when installing film...

9. Rinse your fingers before handling film and rub them together while rinsing...

10. Learn to carry the peeled film without touching adhesive or learn to carry with fingertips, not finger palms...

11. Seal and Enamel the floor, if it is concrete...

12. Cover sheepskin type seat covers with bed sheets...

13. Improve your targeting skills to minimize pattern movement after it hits the glass...

14. Be cautious of your head/hair rubbing headliners when entering a vehicle...

15. Lightly mist cloth seats with application solution prior to sitting or kneeling on them...

16. Always squeegee off your glass board (workstation) before or after each pattern is placed upon it...

17. Tape off all felt and automotive interior rear deck fibers?

18. Lightly mist the liner's surface prior to its removal from a film pattern... this helps neutralize any static created as the liner is peeled from the adhesive...

19. Rinse all your tools regularly...

20. How old is the car, the newer it is, the less dirt contamination problems you will have?

21. What kind of sprayer are you using? If it's a pump sprayer, the cylinder starts wearing and will emit tiny particles of plastic in your water. Making it look like dirt specks.

22. The use of the vehicle, if it's one that sees a dirt road every single day, you will have dust problems no matter how old the car is.

23. Do not have fans running in your bay? If so, turn them off, the more still it is, the better chance you'll have of a clean install.

24. Wet the floor before each job, where possible.

25. NEVER sweep your shop out, wash it out. Sweeping sends dust in the air and lands on everything.

26. Clean your shop bay--EVERY SINGLE DAY.

27. There's a reason why a lot of tint bays look "empty", the more stuff you have lying around, the more stuff that collects dust.

28. Don't wear new clothes to work in. (ever see how much lint is in your dryer when you wash new clothes?)

29. Lotion your skin on a daily basis. Your skin flakes regularly, using lotion on your exposed skin areas helps keep flaking at a minimum.

30. Limit the use of hair gel. Some hair gels flake off when dry. A wax stick or hairspray, or wear a clean cap or just shave your head are options to consider.

31. Consider buying bottled water or install reverse osmosis filtering.

32. Clean your water bottles every time you refill them.

33. Don't use cheap paper towels. Buy the expensive ones that are lint free or use the Scott?s blue shop towels.

34. Rinse the car off before you pull it in the bay, where and when possible or ask the client to deliver it clean.

35. Secure fallen headliners in autos.

36. Establish a routine and be fluid with your actions.

37. Spray the film adhesive only and minimize how wet the glass surface is.

38. In Flat Glass (res/comm), precut film to fit frame with liner still attached.

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practise for about 2 years non-stop and then come back and tell us how you overcame the problem... :lol2



I don't know about most people, but for me the way I overcame problems is a complete mystery since I don't know why I had them in the first place... :lol2

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