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89 camaro

Guest Xceed

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Guest Xceed

can I get any pointers on shrinking this huge concavely curved window. I have tried and failed and this angers me because I have never failed to complete a rear window before. I am trying to do it in one piece is this where my problem lies? plz help me out guys,

Thanx, Nick

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I don't remember having to shrink that window and if you do only at the top,it is all in the way you squeegee it.with the hatch up try squeegeeing across the middle first working your way up toward the truck lid loosen the shock screws so when you get to that part remove the shock then squeegee right past it the reinstall the shock,after that go ahead and squeegee the bottem half.good luck :dunno

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Guest zolar


bad car, BAD CAR !! bad bad bad bad car !

bad, real bad, really bad, really really really bad car!

did I mention that this is a BAD car!

True story: this newish tinter of only a few years, who owned an '86 Camaro, was burning up dozens of feet of film, trying to tint a Camaro's back glass, in 1 piece. Not His car, but a customers. Having burned up a trash can full of hp film, and a whole day trying, he sent the customer home with only the doors tinted, and rescheduled the customer for 2 or 3 days later. He went home frustrated and saddned after that wasted day, determined to find an answer on the internet. He found this very site full of pro tinters, and like a noo-B barged in the chat room, interrupted a conversation, to seek help with the Camaro back glass. some of you may remember a chic named Novenda, barging in the chat room 3+ years ago, but the chat room, or the board remembered the chic's info and computer and logged right in. It was'nt a chic at all. Novenda is my ex, It was ME asking for advice years ago, and you were all kind enough to not offend me, for my ignorance, or lack of manners. I often returned to this site, and studied many threads. And now am proud to consider you as friends, and collegues.

So I am going to show the same courtesy to Xceed Today.

This is a tough back glass, I have only been able to get the 1 piece with baby powder dry shrink dry shrink link

It helps to use a lower heat, and slower shrink, and pull the film in the direction of the fingers.

It may also help to anchor the middle, and push the extra film to the middle at the top and bottom, and work the larger fingers slowly.

Good luck Nick, I have been in you angry shoes.

I hope you charged more than I did on my first Camaro.


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Guest Sprinter

yes the early ones were easier to one piece with no shrink, yes no shrink, I was showed and did and do today, except today I won't touch a camero any more much to much work and thats just on the body no young man anymore am in shape but I can't get paid enough to do these cars anymore. :lol6

last 86 was for a friend of mine and I think I shrank a bit of it to start with and it had the defroster on it, when cutting out cut an extra amount out cause it will stretch and become bigger once installed on the inside, good luck on that one. :lol6

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If your struggling with it and not overly experienced, my suggestion is do a wet shrink using 2 pulls of a 20" roll , splicing to be placed on the 7th defroster wire from the bottom of the window.

When cutting the side, make sure you allow for proper compensation for nice fit when installing (not fun if you have any overhang and have to cut out in between each line) .

This is only one way you can do it , it's how I used to do them in the 80's and the jobs looked good and held up fine :beer

Go the extra mile if you have the patience and tint the outter side of the defrost bar :beer

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