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Guest hi_i_suck

I started my own shop here in town! it has been super, just me and my cds, but I need more flim (and to recive a good rate I need to make a good size buy) 1000 min and im going in a shop with 2 cars in a bay at a time in its only been a week yea but I have cars for 3 weeks! and I need a good amount of film I know but im not trying to buy for all my cars but get started so if a person wants I can provide, I have thought about getting dyed film but it dosent seem worth it, I wouldent want it on my car! but any ideas would be helpful

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yea I wouldnt go with just any film company and there is several out there to choose from. Research some films and find out about the film and the companies and make a judgement from there.

I am a little partial to Llumar but there is about 3 or 4 other films out there that are competable maybe more.

Like Altint said dont do crappy work and use crappy material, buy the more expensive stuff and spend the extra money and also you can compensate yerself in what you charge. Charge a little more, if yer booked 3 weeks out then I dont think you have to worry about it.

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      Xpel; rookie (me) popped air pocket and nicked paint

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