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another bubble question

Guest krazykidd

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Guest krazykidd

hey watsup tinters, I had a question for you.

I had my tint done at a reputable place nearby, some of you have probably even heard of him (wonder if hes on these boards). anyway, I got my tint done about 2-3 weeks ago. When I went to pick it up, I inspected it pretty well, and to my delight everything seemed good. There was the normal soapy wash look to it, but it disappeared the next day. I didn't put down the windows for over a week and after inspecting the windows again, everything looked flawless

Now fast forward to today after washing the car. While I was drying the rear windshield, I noticed some bubbles that werent there before. Then I start inspecting the whole windshield and I find more and more and more bubbles. Some of them were tiny, but there were a few that I could still see standing 3 or 4 feet behind the car. THen I started checking the cabin windows which I also got tinted and those too had some bubbles (all except for one window).

After searching the forum, most of the people who have tinted there windows have seen bubbles at first and then later disappear but in my case it was the opposite. I'm pretty sure the tint has cured because it is the summer here with temps going into the mid 80s and it was sunny for a good 2 weeks. Also, I havent really touched the windows, I'm the only one who uses the car with rarely any occupants other than myself. So what the eff is goin on?

I've attached some pics to give you a sense of what it is (dont worry its not the common dot matrix bubbles). so my question is, are bubbles showing up later after the tint should have cured normal? and should I just rub those bubbles out with my nail :cool? or shud I just take off the tint and try doing it myself :dunno , drunk, and in the dark

Some misc info

Car: 05 subaru legacy gt

tint: solarguard 20%



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Guest tintgod

the best think to do is take it back to where you had it down..and ask him the same ?s you are asking us..we all know what it is ..but we can help you out..take it back and have them look at it..(period)

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Guest krazykidd

I dont wanna know how pubes could have gotten in the tint....

and yea, 20% on the rear windshield. Drving in the dark all the time would be too weird for me

by the way, I understand that the only recourse is to take it back to the shop. I just wanted to know if it was normal behavior and will the tint guy look at me and say thats normal and then should I believe him

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