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wacko on the phone

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I try so hard not to get mad at people but sometimes......I cant help it......

me:"hello what can I do for you today?"

customer: yea how much do you charge for the front windows?"

me: "$$$"

customer: "is there a warrranty, can I put limo, are you guys professionals?"

me: "yes,no,yes"

customer: "ok so the price you just gave me is for the two fronts that have the vent in the front and the two smalll in the back right?"

me: "wtf? no ma'am you said two, not six!"

customer: "uh no maybe you dont know what kind of car this is"

me: "yes I do know, probably more than you'll ever know about ur own car, and the price is $$$ for six windows"

customer" "why so much!?, those are small windows, like the palm of my hand"

me: "yea but they are stll windows and I have to get my ass inside your small car and sweat my asss off"

customer: "well I wish you guys where more clear about pricing"

me: "well ma'am maybe you dont know how to speak or understand english, the only unclear person is you"

customer: "ok, let me think about"

me: "ok no problem, but one more thing"

customer: "yes"

me: "can I get your phone number, so I can "holla" at you? "

customer: hangs up.


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