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cutting tint for roll ups

Guest newtotint

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Guest newtotint

I'm new to tinting, I got a job at a local tint shop. only problem is the have a plotter that computer cuts film. they are not really showing me how to cut, seems to me that is pretty important, especially if I want to tint my families and friends cars at home.

I've cut it on the outside of the glass, but always seems to come up short?

do I need to keep moving tint over a little then cut so I have some extra?

this is how I have been trying:

:DD first I roll down the window a little, cut the top, then the sides a little, roll the window up and finish the sides and then the bottom.

any detailed info is greatly apreciated. I know it take practice but I'd like to know the correct/best way of doing it.


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Guest lurkin urchin

shop owner strategy:

To utilize plotter for film cutting, so installers cant compete, and won't be inclined to steal film.

Oviously the Shop owner wants you to bring friends and families cars, to the shop.

Personally, I align the bottom edge to the top of the rubber

squeegee down film in the middle of the window

mark the sides with a marker

hold up the bottom, and roll down window a few inches

trim the top edge even with the top of the glass

Take over to the peeler and cut on the marked vertical lines, with a straightedge

LEAVE 1/8" - 1/4" Extra past the lines marked !!!!

Round the corners with a small radius

Return film to window and shrink the bottom edge


not too complicated, after the 1st one or 2

Repeat a few thousand times, and you can do it while talking on the phone, and selling

Im going back to hide in the bushes

like the other scared tint industry people

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Guest newtotint

I usually short on the bottom when the window is rolled up. also the sides are not completely covered by the rubber.

The shop owner knows I want to learn to cut and he is cool with me practicing on fam/freinds. :DD


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Do a search or two on here, you will find lots of posts detailing exactly what you are asking. Make the search feature your friend and you will gain all sorts of knowledge.

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Front rollup....

Lay film on glass liner out as normal for a single cut (on a double cut, reverse the FIRST piece of film with the liner in against the glass, and the second liner out facing you as to avoid scratching the film while carding)

Cut back side against the seal (don't mark it with a whoopidydoo pen, just cut the damn thing. A pen/grease pencil/marker is not a tinting tool but more so a handicap).

Move film over 1/8 inch to overlap the cut you just made on the seal (this will vary depending on the car you are working on and isn't always neccessary, and other times you need a little more).... tack down film

Cut bottom on top of seal ( if you are shaving the top edge, you need to leave a little extra on the bottom, if you micro edge, cut it right on the top of the seal).

Mark the mirror side by making a "score" mark using either your fingernail, or the tip of a card.

Lift bottom of film, crack window, cut the top.

Trim the edges and round the corners but where you made your "score" mark, cut a little BEYOND this as to leave a little extra film to tuck in on the mirror side.

Shrink it and you are done.

If cutting AND shrinking a normal rollup takes more than 2 minutes.....you are taking too long and need to just keep practicing, or change what you are doing.

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Guest Sprinter

line up the bottom with the film wet underneth

cut the mirror side if you can't cut all of it you'll cut the rest later

slide it over 1/4 inch twords the mirror

tach down the film cut the back, long side

lift up film on the bottom slightly and roll down widow a few inches

cut top of film

take film to what ever glass your going to cut on if it's the car then so be it

round the upper corners and finish cutting the mirror side


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We are all scared of that sword.

Thats why we hide in the bushes.

but we are watching you all.

like some perv, hiding in the closet.

Tint Industry Lurkers

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