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Tiger leads the Brittish Open

Guest DixieNormus

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Watch out for Mark Hensby....That dude is a trip, use to sleep in his car in Chicago (Cog Hill) to play in qualifying tourneys. :lol2 They interviewed him on the sports radio station when he played the Western at Cog a couple weeks ago. Cool dude, with a bit of an attitude... :spit My kinda guy, I'm rootin for him. :beer But there's alot of good stories out there, I'd much rather see just about anyone but Tiger win. Jose Maria Olazabul has an unbelievable story how he got in, would be cool if old Ollie pulled it out also. :lol There's tons more stories, got a few minutes? :lol2 BTW...rent Bobby Jones...Stroke of Genious..Great primer for the Open, and good flick too. :lol

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Hey...if you're bored...go into espn and play fantasy golf...I just started messin with it, just like Pigskin pikem..use your same log-in. Go to Mercedes drive to the championship...I'm in the group Chicago sortsnutz. :lol You pic 4 guys a week, it's best ball, and if somebody misses the cut, sucks for you. :coffee

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