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yellow page ?

Mr paladin

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Guest pmuzik
we just got the new phone book today and my ad is totally F up, do you think I can get them to recall 80K phone books and redo it ? or do you think I am just sol for the next year :bingo


h@te to say so Mr.P but if this was a POLL :bingo I would have to vote for SOL ask em for a break in the price since they screwed it up :bling ya never know they may fall for it if it's their fault

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Guest losdawg

they should have sent you a proof of your ad. if theyt did and it was correct and then published it wrong you should not have to pay for it and try and get a year for free. that is if they get it right. cool thing about my yellow pages guy is he sold me on the ad then came back 3 days later to :bling ger his windows tinted.

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Guest Sprinter

1st thing to do mr p is go get that phone # that they printed in the yellow pages, have them buy the # and set you up with a line thats forworded to your phone.

send the wife in with heels on and a short skirt and stuff the top they'll take her serious and get you two years free with a full page ad next year :bling

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Guest pmuzik
We got a proof, made the corrections and they just published the original :lol

:bat as for the short skirt and heels...I don't own a skirt!  Can I borrow yours MM :lol


OK so forget the skirt just wear the heels :thumb

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