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Ran Into A Wall

Guest Cell-Freedom.com

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Guest Cell-Freedom.com

Most of you might h@te me - I am a DIY guy right now, but if I can get the hang of this I may go into business

Here it is when I heat shrink the back it fuzzes on the vertical sides and won't stick also my hands are big and won't get into the wedge in the back...

Now business - how did everyone get started here? I need certification or something to do it?

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Guest g1craych

did u heat form it on the outside or the glass first?.....and be careful not to heat the edges too much or they will curl back on u....get some squeegees or hard cards to go where u cant reach

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there are alot of different tools used for reaching tight spots.

there are some good articles in tintdude covering all the basics of tint. just use the search button.

most pros dont h@te all diyrs just the arrogant ones that think they are better then a seasoned pro.

everybodys gotta start somewhere.

best advice is try to get a shop to teach you on the job training.

you can see if its something for you.

read the threads, and ask questions if you cant find it in the search feature, you can learn alot.

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Guest metint

h@te's a pretty strong word to use.

I lied my way in... Only had tinted my Vega back glass at that point in time. Went to two shops in town, said I use to work for the other place, was hired at the second place and given film to install on a Ford Fairmont station wagon. Five hours later I returned only to have the boss man and two others look the car over. Boss man says, nice work, I think we'll keep you... meanwhile can you work on bringing the time down. :coffee

Trail and error are the best teachers, however, gone to a tint class can give you insight into the trade, but nothing beats working along side a seasoned installer.


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Guest darkdan
h@te's a pretty strong word to use.

I lied my way in...


That's how I lost my job! Some dude said he had 6 years experience tinting windows. If you asked me he had about 6 minutes.

But he would work for peanuts so I got canned (and not paid).

Lousy liars.

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Guest Jason

I guess u can say I lied my way in also. boss sent me for a training seminar out of town- he had two jobs booked in when I got back (I guess he figured I would be a pro afterwards :DD )

Spent many late nights trying to get those cars done properly. If I remember right they were a passat and a sunfire, not too hard, but not exactly the easiest either. I must have costed him a few grand in material :DD

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I went out on a limb and figured I could do it myself since I watched my good friend do it out of his garage and make a very decent living off of it.

When I finally bought my house and had a garage of my own I decided to spend some bucks and get some supplies and film. I spead the word out and got a good 10 cars lined up. Experimented on each on and cut my time down on every one. Made alot of mistakes and learned form evey one of them. I get all my education from my own on the job experience and from this site. I doubt I'd still be doing it if it wasn't for thie website. I've learned a hell of alot of info form here and owe a great deal.

If your serious about it, I encourage you to get more involved here, do alot of research and ask questions. The people here are great and will help you in every way they can.

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