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My Window Tint Dreams Shattered

Guest Cell-Freedom.com

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Guest Cell-Freedom.com

I wanted to tint this car to give it higher resale value when I sell it, I thought it would be easier, but there is no way in hell I can tint the rear window. I tried 3 times and it got worse each time lmao.

I almost smashed the glass in this morning after 5 hours were wasted carefully and patiently trying to put it in there.

The doors got nailed in less than 20 min each total - I just can't get into the bottom corner at all - and with that I will leave it to the pros and forget about getting my own shop - This really sucks cause I was hoping to make some good side money and such tinting

I am amazed at how ANYONE could do this - I mean if I had any insight on how to do this I would keep trying but it just gets worse - I did the heat shrink a bit better but it was still warped in some areas

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