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finger bubbles

Guest mxkid913

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Guest mxkid913

can you get them out after installation? it just wouldn't stick when I did it today and heated it up too, does the adhesive get any better as the film dries so I can push it back down or am I SOL?

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Guest darkdan

Depends on where it is.

If it's a horizontal finger on the back window that's under 5" you're fine. Give it some time to dry and push it out and it's gone. Might have to heat the glass a little to help it. Worse comes to worse you relief cut over a defroster line.

If it's a vertical finger under an inch then you're fine. Just a little heat on the window to aid the drying and push it down.

If it's on a side window, drag it to the shrinking edge and shrink it on the inside.

I don't recommend trying to shrink a finger on the back window once it's on the inside. Head liners and rear decks are expensive.

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