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Guest metint
I've done it but am through with it :spank  be prepared for chicks to grossly underestimate their weight :duck



I'm done too...

Last contact I had went like this: I called, we spoke for awhile and agreed to talk again.

I called, she says I am getting in the shower, call back in 20... I call back, no answer... I try again in five, still no answer... I go get my cell phone (call id didn't include them then), called again... she answers, I say, ain't caller id grand? If you don't want to talk to me tell me!...

She says she's not ready to go any further, doesn't know when she will be and didn't want to hurt my feelings... I say, what feelings would that be, we don't even know each other. You don't want me to cal, just say so... she does and I tell her to have a nice life.


I met my wife during fellowship at a local church.

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AND there are just plain crazies out there olfa :spank  here's an email excerpt from a chick I talked to ONE time :shock  I got this because I was tired and had to go to bed :duck

"Hey John.....  I agree completely that I don't think it was a good idea to meet.  You say that the conversation was troubling for you, but the thought that you might have been lying was much more troubling to me.  It wasn't the point that you didn't want to stay on the phone with me, that would have been fine.  I just felt as though you had lied.  I truly have no idea as to whether you stayed up or went to bed & that isn't my issue at all.  My issue is with the fact that I felt as though you weren't being honest with me.  You may have been, but I'll never really know for sure and that's where the problem comes in.  I don't ever intend to be in a relationship where there isn't trust, because without that I don't feel you can have anything.  I was honest with you so you would know how I felt about the situation, but I'm not even sure you got my whole point.  I don't get mad over a lot, but when I feel I've been lied to, I express my concern and give an opportunity for explanation since things aren't always as they seem."


Wow, sounds like one :duck biotch.

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Guest Guest
hey metint, where's that church at :spank  :duck


As you know here in the 'bible belt' there's plenty a church to go around. I spend my time going to several different, not just one.

Love the Unity Church (not Unitarian)! First time there in Naples I felt at home... can't say that for any other I have been in. Only Unity church around these united methodist and baptist parts is over an hour drive one way... so I visit many different, instead.


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