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Cox cable knocks my business phone off

Guest Olfablade

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Guest Olfablade

They came out today to bundle my HOME telephone into my cable package, saving me $50 a month. What they did was tie both my business line into it, and I haven't been able to receive home or business calls since 1 pm. If you call, you get my bus fax trying to answer as well as the error messages followed by the clang tone as if you lifted the receiver and didn't dial. :lol6

The soonest they can come out is 7:30 tomorrow morning, and I've lost business calls since 1 pm today. They solicited ME for the switch, and I've certainly lost more than $50 in lost calls and biz. I'm thinking major credits to my account. Any more suggestions?

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wow man sorry to hear that,

only suggestion would be to complain to them after they've made the install or the switch, or ask somekind of reimbursement or something, other than that I dontk now, I've had problems with telephone companies before and whenever they make a mistake, I dont get nothing in return other than "we're sorry" :lol6

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