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Guest borav5

Dear Guys,

I have joined newly to this forum. I own a VW Bora V5 model 99. I had a problem with my cooling system (there was a leak), so I went to the mechanic and he found that the distributor is broken and needs replacement. In order for him to replace it, he removed the car battery so that he can reach it.

After finishing his work, I started the car and soon the A/C as we have a very hot weather her in Kuwait were I live. Soon enough I discovered that the compressor is not functioning. We went to an electrician and he said that because you disconnected the battery, we have to reprogram the car again, and he hooked a Blue piece of electronic equipment to an electric port located inside the car, and pressed some buttons and withing 1 minute the A/C started to chill again.

My questions are:

1- What is the proper way to disconnect the battery in case needed for maintenance without this problem happenning again.

2- What is this electronic equipment used by the electrcian and were I can buy one of those.

Many Thanks for your help

Mohamed A. Said

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