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Dyno/ Performance Shop Grand Opening

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My buds have finally gotten their Certificate of Occupancy and are planning the Grand Opening on Thursday, Aug.4th.

BnT Performance is open for business. Check 'em out!


I've done all their graphics and signage, these are good guys,

the main tech knows his sh!t, he can do some amazing things to make power in most anything.

He helped make my T/A do it's thing, low 13's, if I was better at cutting good lights, I feel like I could've put it in the 12's.

No power adder, All Throttle NO Bottle.

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:spit I like all motor cars also but theres nothing wrong with a little bit of forced induction.




hey DKENT< what do you think about this one, 350Z VS G35, to me the G35 its an overpriced 350Z with more luxury, is the size engine the same or what?

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