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buffing/polish/etc.. n00b question

Guest egiblock

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Guest egiblock

I've seen some posts here, but I thought I'd post my own cause I have some questions of my own..

we just cleared the truck. I'll post a picture here soon..

it's been 24 hours and I want to clean it up a bit.

the process that we did.

painted with 3 coats of black.

cleared with 3 coats

wetsanded with 600

cleared again with 2 heavy coats


now I want to wetsand with 1500 and 2000. the questions:

1. how much should I wetsand the clear with 1500 and 2000 ?

1.1) I'm expecting a dull finish, after using the 1500 and 2000, correct ?

2. after those steps, I have a turtlewax rubbing compound I planned on using on what I just wetsanded. so I'll apply it, and then use a buffer somewhere around 1700rpm and a wool buffer pad to remove the compound.

3. then polish ?

here's a pic... it looks good, but there was a lot of items floating around in the air that I want to get rid of. plus I have other spots of the truck that I have to blend together ..


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Use a waterhose on a mist spray ..use a sanding block with 1500 and sand horizonaly stay off corners...then use 2000 grit verticle right after.....dull finish yes...any highlights need to be knocked down w/2000 again...now clean finish good as you do in every step

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3m micro compound will work faster whennwetsanding...Solar is correct for just buffing :spank I use 3m Finesse compound with yellow wool after the 2000 or if 1500 was all that was used...... I then use a white wool I then use a 3m white waffle with a good swirlmark remover...then same with a 3m black waffle...Then use a DA with 3m black waffle 5 inch pad with a good glaze for a mile deep gloss ...no seal or wax for 30 to 60 days :dunno

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