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I realize this is a forum for cars but paint is paint. I could use help on what to use on my airplane? I had it hangared, now it's outside (Southern CA) and I've been neglecting the paint. It's believe its acrylic enamel (maybe polyurethane) with no clearcoat and starting to oxidize on the top surfaces. Any suggestions on what to use to restore and protect the paint would be appreciated. I'm not interested in shine as much as protection and longevity, therefore I'm thinking a poly sealant. I don't mind the work and expense of a multi-step process if the outcome is better. Also, any suggestion(s) on which buffers/orbital waxers to buy and where to get bulk chemical purchases is welcome as I need to gear up to protect my all my vehicles anyways.

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Go to www.topoftheline.com...they have everything you need...Buy a dual head orbitor ...some Klass all in one...your all set :lol Terry applicaters and a couple of micro towels :gay


Thanks for replying...Twp more questions? How does the Diamond Plus Sealant at DetailPlus.com compare with the Klass. For the money @ $23.00 per gallon it's seems a good value. However, if the Klass is better, I would rather use the best compounds since the labor is the hard part on an airplane.

Also, do you recommend a lightweight air powered orbital waxer or an electric and if so, which is better to buy, the Cyclo or Porter Cable?

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      Tinted Windshields Negate Windshield Sun Shades : Tinted Sunroofs=Exploding/Crack Glass

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      Tinted Windshields Negate Windshield Sun Shades : Tinted Sunroofs=Exploding/Crack Glass

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