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Been kinda busy with the shop lately, haven't had much time for fun and games.

Just wanted to wish everyone well and hope that everyone is having a profitable tint season!

The wife and I just bought a 53' Houseboat, so as your season slows down, if you're in the area, give me a shout and we'll enjoy some lake festivities! (Boating, Fishing, Bikinis, etc.) :?

BTW, if you've never looked into this market, the jobs literally sell themselves! I've done 6 in the past two months and the cheapest one was $2,250. (CHA-CHING). Check it out for yourself, you WILL NOT be disappointed! :? Avoid the older model boats with windows that don't have a frame around them.

Anyway, good to see all the old faces and most of the new ones I don't know, but I'm sure I will eventually.

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Check out the houseboat market. I'm sure there's a lake around just about everyone here. Just walk down the dock in a tint t-shirt and watch people start flocking. I know it sounds too good to be true, but :lol6

Nothing was highlighted because it was a figure of speach, not a link. LOL

Houseboats have large flat windows all over them. Most of the ones I'm doing now are in the 900 - 1200 square foot range. The one that was $2,250 was just shy of 600 square feet ($4 a square...). If you don't mind confined places (most tinters don't) then these are gravy jobs.

Good Luck with it if you dare to try it.

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Guest Sprinter

the last house boat I tinted the guy wanted limo all around so limo he got no warranty and it paid 710.00 don't remember the sq but it was 4 bucks a sq, I'm to tired to do the math :lol6 you do it!

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