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Johnson users..


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Guest tint4alivin

I've used alot of silhouette in the last 3+ years. Have had a handful of cars come back w/adhesive failure on the back glass(distorted, blurry). No fading though. :cool

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Guest zolar

I use a lot of J film, and have for many years.

I use SP40, 35,15,& 05 and have great results

I also use PGC20 on a few occasions

the executive 35 and 20 are very nice films, and all-metal

the es35 and 20 are a little tougher to install without creasing

they have all held up for years (only one warranty issue in years)

stay away from the PBC (bronze) and the ray-guard!

they will bite you in the azz

the SP line is very nice stuff for everyday use


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I got some Ray Guard today.When I removed the liner the film smelled

baked!! I mean the only place you smell adhesive like that is when

removing old sunbaked (purple) film!! Doesn't anyone notice it while

their making the stuff..I mean if the adhesive is already out(K.Oed)..

How long will it last when installed!!I still like the Silhouette but

sorta......... :bingo:bingo

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Guest jparizek

Ive been using Johnsons for the last 3 years and never had any warranty work. I use only the sp line, all shades. Ive used the ray gaurd line a couple times for cheap azz customers, but I wouldnt recommend using that line. Turns purple fast. Ive actually worked with solar gaurd and llumar and im currently working for shop who uses solar gaurd and I dont like either of them. I love the appearance of johnsons after the install, the ease of use, easy to shrink, ect. and the customer service for ordering is quick and easy. Johnson all the way!!!

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