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Never tinted before...HELP!

Guest adv4nced53

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Guest adv4nced53

Wutsup guys.

For my birthday about 3 days ago someone I know who is a mechanic and does tinting and stuff like that gave me a bunch of car acessories including a 5% tint package. I've heard that its hard to install and that I should go to a professional but I decided to try. After cutting it wrong I put that package aside and went on and bought a 35% for front windows and 20% for rear ( to meet state regulations ). I opened them up and cut it right so it can fit on the window. So again I went on and tried it on one of the rear power windows but then realized that I might need to tuck in some of the tint inside the door so when the window goes up or down the tint doesnt get wrinkled. So I quit the project again and since I have another free day tommorow I'm willing to try again.

Notice I've never done this before so

- Should I just give it to a professional even tho I want to do this myself

- Do you recommend taking the whole glass out and tinting it outside the door eliminating the problem of tucking the tint in

- If I'm sure that I'm placing it right, can/should I do it without using water?

Thanks for the help!

Cheers :dunno

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Guest tint rookie

commend you on staying legal

a reputable tint shop will not use a customers film.

leave the glass in, for a first attempt at tinting, may wanna pull panels and/or remove rubbers. im sure there is a few links on rollup procedures. do a search.

you never meantioned what kinda car?

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Guest adv4nced53

Car is an Acura Integra

I have the repair book on the car and it explians how to take stuff apart so yes I guess taking out the rubbers and maybe some of the rest of the top will be best thing to do.

I gotta get some sleep but tommorow morning I'll read zolar's links.


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Guest pAiNtBaLlEr88

If I can remember right, the seals on those are tough... so if you get er knocked down be proud cuz that's not exactly an easy-as-cake car to do.

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