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Simoniz Cyclone power wash

Guest david_707

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I wouldn't try it. Let a buddy buy into first and see the "non drying" effect on his/her ride and if it is :eyebrows then laugh at them. That gives me the vibe of that so called awesome :thumb spinning mop head thing that was all over the tube awhile back.

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Guest Guest_Joe_*
So has anyone here used/heard any info on this thing?  Is it worth it?  Check it out below.



I'll be the guinea pig, and later post how good the Cylcone works; there's no better test than living in the dusty Arizona desert.

Yep, the Cyclone is "only" $19.99, but then you have the shipping and extras:

$7.95 for wax

AND $18.81 for shipping IF you also want the "free" vacuum cleaner included.

Oh, and if you supposedly don't want to wait for 3 to 5 weeks and go for expedited shipping (3 to 5 business days), that's another $5 for a grand total of $50, LOL.

I have a bad feeling about this... :lol6

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Guest I'vebeentaken

well people! This product sucks big time!!!! I just washed my motorcycle and it is still dirty! Plus the cyclone action won't work till U put it on the soap action which only last for a very short time! Now if I can only get ahold of the jerk who invented this piece of crap? LOL Sorry peeps but I just had to try it out and I am disappointed or pissed :spit ! does anyone here have the e-mail addy so I can tell them I want my money back? if so my addy is mydogalexis@aol.com . tanks for listenng to my grip :spit

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