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RIP Peter Jennings


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I'm surprised with all the American members no one posted this..so I guess I will. :please

A Great Canadian who ancored many major world events and Americian events for 22 yrs for NBC lost his battle to lung cancer at 67 the other day .

He will be missed by both Americian and Canadians alike .

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I don't know if you get Good Morning America in Canada or not. :dunno


Only on clear days when the rabbit ears on the television are pointing towards the south.

j/k :please yeah, we get most major Americian stations :dunno

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Guest Al-tint

Rabbit ears, man you are lucky.

We just have a coat hanger. It was only a couple of years back that I switched from a plastic one to the metal kind. Works much better now. :please

RIP Peter.

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