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Glass slippers

Guest Braud Spectrum

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Guest Braud Spectrum

I haul a pretty good size piece of glass in the bed of my truck when I go mobile as a peeler. I always worry about dinging the corner as I set up because it did happen in a dealership years ago. It exploded ! I must have touched to corner to the ground as I was carrying it. Tempered glass. So last week I was out at one of my favorite little dealerships. The boys in make-ready always help me unload and set up (because they are sweeties). This particular day as I drove back there one of the boys greets me at my drivers window of my truck with a big ol' grin. He's holding two of those styrofoamy things they put on the doors to keep from dinging. :lol2 As we unload the truck he slides two of those white thingy's onto the bottom of the glass before he hoisted it out of my truck for me and stood it up. :dunno Perfect! Now my glass has shoes. He threw a handful into the back of the truck this last time I went out there that he's been collecting for me. Extra shoes :lol2

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I don't know what happened to it?But it was a while back before I moved.

I used to have a dolly (hand truck)..The basic ones nothing fancy you get from

the store for about $15-20's...It had a 24 x 60 plexiglass mounted on it...

Easy to move around and stable,light..Just roll it to other side when your done working on the other..It's probably in the shed somewhere...My friend custom

made it,mounting the glass and all...

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Guest Braud Spectrum
totw :lol2


:rollin Thanks TD. We ought to give this one to Michael at the dealership since he came up with it. I'll tell him we got it. :lol2

On a side note.... these boys found a plant in the back of a pick up that was a trade in. Threw it in a five gallon bucket with an inch and a half of water and there it layed for nearly a month. Couple weeks ago while I was out there working I happened to look down in that bucket and was horrified at the poor shriveled up looking deprived of light thing. I asked about it and Isaac told me to take it home. His intentions were good but then he negelcted to follow thru. He put it in my truck as we loaded up.

I took it home and stuck it in a pot that had extra space and a couple days later it was perking up and looking much better. :lol Couple more days and it had these strange things protruding from it. :lol In about a week those had developed into huge pods and then one morning I walked out there to water... it exploded ! :lol2 As I stood there taking the picture the second one was opening. :lol2 I emailed them pictures of it in the office so they could see what it did.



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