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I have exactly same bus - I think Ronald's is OPEL VIVARO, my - RENAULT TRAFFIC.

Some 10 month old. Two catastrophes was with him.


We installing 4 mil films in mad house. Special mad house where :lol2 people live till their death because no chances....So one of tham look at our bus, start :lol6 take his Wheelbarrow and make road accident. He was more than happy and seems waiting :beer:lol2 My guys was :lol2 but what they can do with this :lol guy? After that I asked my insurance broker any ideas - she also have no answer on this question :rollin


Petrol station. Gas tank is full. At this moment very old crap car kick our standing near gas column bus :lol:lol

P.S. Happy that never meet tram - we located in 3 m from tramways and 200 m from tram station :lol2:lol2:lol2

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Mine a NISSAN PRIMASTAR, same car


Ooops, forget...We choose from this three...

Renault was the cheapest...As I remeber it cost around Eur 20,000 we bought it last October....

P.S. By the way - did You see where is possible to buy roof rail and stairs on it? I saw some buses with roof rail - but local dealers have no :lol2

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