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Old school madico film

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have you guys seen this material looks like after its really really old?

for example the AG series and the TG series...

I got a car in today, we did it in 97...straight up purple!

distorted, ugly nasty shiat....

amazing , this film I like though when its put on it looks great, but it doesnt once its almost 10 years old or so... :phone

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Yeah, I saw a car I did in the early '90s with the TG. It wasn't too purple, but you couldn't see through the stuff very easily... no bubbles, but very distorted. Needless to say, I don't use the stuff anymore, though, it did last quite a while before the distortion happened (way past any warranty I had on that crap).

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No different to the stuff we see downunder in this huge sunburnt land. :zzz

But then again none of anyone's crap lasts here to be fair.

Try and imagine what I have to see and put up with everyday and all this gear comes with a lifetime warranty...... if you don't take it out of your box....oh yeah :nc

Devil...sick to the back teeth with this deception. :?

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