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gas prices

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Guest tint rookie

2.689 here for the poor mans brew.

I had to pull the reciept out of the wallet to see. one of them, I h@te to see the prices, I NEED the gas anyway, got us by the short and curlies dont they.

saw a deal on the news, all the gas co.s need to raise the price is the threat of a shortage. but do you think they need a reason to lower the price, oh hell yeah, like their mom will die.....even still im sure they'd two, three time think it.

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Guest Al-tint

In the grand scope of things --- were screwed.

106.9 CDN / litre

= x 4.546 - $4.86 cdn per imp gallon

= x 3.785 - $4.04 cdn per us gallon

$4.86 x 0.834 = $4.05 us per imp gallon

$4.04 x 0.834 = $3.37 us per us gallon

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