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A little advice maybe??

Guest HeatShrunkSS

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Guest HeatShrunkSS

So, I'm considering purchasing a Printer from SignWarehouse. I went there first because of all the good things I've heard about them, on here mainly.

The printer I'm looking at is the Prism Jet 48, manufactured by Mutoh?? I believe.

Anyways, this particular packages is totalling right around 15 grand. ( I just wrote a 2300.00 dollar check for four color stuff I subbed out for July alone), so I figure it's time to make the investment. Right?? right....

My only problem is this........I'm being told by the rep at Sign Warehouse that this printer does not come with ANY type of manufacturer warranty and that I must purchase a one year warratny for 1500.00. :spank

Sooo, does anyone have any experience with Sign Ware House??? Can anyone remotely provide me with some assistance? I"m ready to make this move, but would like some other creditable sources for purchasing. I am in no way comfortable with forking over this kind of cash for a BRAND NEW piece of equipment that doesn't come standard with a manufacturers warranty.

I should mention that this is a combo deal, also comes with a Panther 52" plotter and Flexi-7.5. Both of which I already have but if you take them off the package, it only drops like 2 grand. We all know the math on that one.

thanks in advance.

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Sounds fishy to me! I've bought two systems from SW and neither has needed warranty work-but that plotters-printers maybe a whole different story! I quit dealing with them when a bulb went out in my scanner-they dont sell parts-or a scanner separate-they offered to sell me a whole system instead of a $2 light bulb!ss

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