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using the 3m system .....

Guest egiblock

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Guest egiblock

thanks for all the help in my previous post on buffing. I got some great information on it.. (http://www.tintdude.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19987)

so here's where im at right now;

I have the 3m system that tintdude talks about in his tutorial. I did the top of the truck (3 part system, using a foam pad, then a wool pad, then another foam pad to finish) and I took a whirl at the passanger door and ext cab section. the ext cab section came out really nice, blended in some of the sections. but the door needs some work to get the clearcoat overspray sanded down and matched up correctly...

the problem that I ran into was in the application of the 3m products. when I would use the buffer at a speed of 1700 (safe speed for me since I am new), the stuff went flying everywhere, which leads me to believe I am applying it wrong. :redturbo:gasp:spit

for the 3m compound, finishing glaze, etc. how should I apply this??? I did it very sloppy and stuff got all over the place..

thanks again

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here is a tip for buffing . the 10 and ten rule. Put a straight line of compound or polish on the vehicle. look at the buff pad like it is a clock. you want the pad to hit the compound at 10:00. also lift the pad ten degrees off the surface of the car. the compound makes it on the pad without blowing all over. 10 and 10

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