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8mil Llumar vs. 6mil Vista


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I'm a consumer in a house with 3M 4mil scotchshield tinted. I'm building a house and now looking for a new film. I'm in S FLA in the brunt of the hurricane alley. I have a local dealer who originally suggested llumar 8mil film (I know CP FILMS) but today changed and suggested 6mil film since he said it would offer equal protection in a storm situation, but will have much less internal reflection and he thinks looks better.

My question is: wouldn't it make sense that 8mil two ply is stronger than 6 mil. . . ? How much of a difference is the internal reflection--is it just a matter of personal preference? I think both films are by CP and cannot be much different in price.

Can someone comment on the strength difference? and the cosmetics?


D :poop

PS-- The house is a big project with some high windows (about 22 feet), total sq footage about 1200. Thanks.

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