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508d Proximity Sensor

Guest racing_effects

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Guest racing_effects

Hi, I got my alarm 791xv viper installed about 2 months ago and now I bought a 508d proximity sensor, which someone told me that this thing would just plug rite into the brain! Which I have check and it doesn't! So I learn that the red(12v constant power) black(- Negative) and Green (first stage warn away) and BLUE (Trigger Output) but the thing is I don't know which cable goes to which, I found all of the dual sensor wires but does the red wire just connect to any 12v constant power, the ground just connect it to the same ground that my alarm is using, and the blue and green do I just connect that straight to the extra green wire hanging off of the dual sensor? Hit me back on that , and I would appreicate if you help me out thanks!!!!

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Guest naughtydog

The blue on the alarm is normally the multiplex input, this will take the green and the blue wire form your sensor.

I'm not sure on that particular viper alarm but normally DEI products work like this.


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without a 4 conductor plug for the Prox sensor,

you may get an invalid zone on arming (2 chirps),

if it is connected to +12V and Ground (which will stay on all the time)

If this occurs conect the black wire from the sensor

to the orange wire (ground when armed) on the alarm.

if the alarms sensor input (blue wire) won't do warn away,

the green on the Prox sensor, can trigger a relay

to bump the siren, or horn.


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