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12" MTX enclosureless subs?

Guest steve fisher

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Guest steve fisher

I picked up two 12" MTX eliminator enclosureless subs today.I also picked up two 12" duals in a nice bandpass box.

I was thinking of incorporating the bandpass box into my enclosure.Actually use it for the front and add to the rear of it for two more 12"s that are sealed or ported.What do you guys think?Which speakers should I use in the bandpass and which should I port or seal?

The MTX's how should they be ran?Sealed?Ported?Bandpass?

What about the Duals are they crap?

Thanks ahead.

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Guest steve fisher

Well after some research and picking up the MDF board ,now I see I don't have the room.This is going to be my wifes ride for the next year or so.Til the daughter can drive.I may just see which set sounds best in the bandpass and go that route.Maybe I could just run two of them in a FG enclosure.I just want her to be able to enjoy the thump.She hasn't had a decent system for a while.The daughter will be getting it later.By then it should be pretty nice.

What should I do?I don't want to sink any more money in it right now.

How would you guys go about setting this up?

Heres what I have:

2 12" MTX enclosureless subs

2 12" Dual subs http://www.audio-direct.com/cgi-bin...emnum=XINBP-212

2 Lightning audio FF150.2 amps

A nice bandpass box

A good bit of MDF board

I know none of this is high quality equipment.I'm just trying to work with what I have .With the cost of gas here I have to get this car on the road.

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