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I don't like the go of this.

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Installed this showroom about 3 summers ago and I dropped in today (being in the area) to see how this west facing film was surviving.

The film up top is a commercial sputtered Bek Titanium 5 with a similarly sputtered Panorama Hilite 60 below.

Although both films have not bubbled nor developed any major visual problem that a customer would notice, the Ti is now showing signs of drifting to a pinky colour. God help me if a pane gets smashed and I'd have to do a match. The 5% would be now impossible to match and I thought this gear was colour stable? :lol6

The Hilite is perfect! Go figure.

Anyone else experienced this? Can't believe anything these days... right Metint? :rollin



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Guest metint

Right... how do you know when a sales person is lying? :lol6 Glad I'm not in sales! :spit

True grey is color-stable... was not aware of any other of their film being C-S. :lol6

Good thing those lites are tempered, eh? :rollin

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Guest darkdan

No crap. 5% on metal framed flat glass? Well, there goes my fears about window breakage. =)

I think the SG Quantum and True Grey are CS, but not the Ti.

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Yeah, who ever told you Ti was color stable?  :bingo  It's not.


I was lead to believe the new generation of sputter coated Ti's were OT.:hide


If the glass is tempered which this was right across the front, then you could put anything on it without popping like a fart in a bottle. :lol

Devil :dunno

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