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Looking up at the bottom of the heat gun, the inset shows the brush, spring and cap. Note that the access hole can shock the user if the cap falls out. (Click on image for larger version.)

On October 28, a Fermilab employee received an electric shock to his right index finger while operating a heat gun. He immediately dropped the gun which stopped the shock. The worker sustained a small burn on his finger. Investigation revealed that a motor brush cap became unscrewed from the tool body. This allowed an energized motor brush spring to contact the worker's finger. Current flowed from the spring, through the worker's finger, and into a non-insulated part of the tool body. The shock was limited to the worker's finger because the tool body was properly grounded via a three-conductor power cord, three-prong plug, and correctly wired outlet. Further investigation revealed that both of the plastic brush caps were brittle. Both fractured upon re-insertion.

The type of heat gun involved in this incident is widely used at Fermilab. This particular tool was a Master Appliance Corporation model HG-751B. It was manufactured about 10 years ago and is not the subject of any product recall or safety notice program. Fermilab's Electrical Safety Subcommittee recommends that brush assemblies for heat guns be periodically checked for tightness and wear. In addition, use of a GFCI would have prevented the shock and small burn to the worker.

These recommendations can be extended to a wide variety of other electrically-powered hand tools. Check your tool to make sure it is in good operating condition and use a GFCI as added protection.

Have a great day and let's work safely all week!

:please What the hell :lol

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Holy crap, I use a Master Corp. heat gun it looks like a Millwalkie but is all metal and heaver.  I caught minor crap about a year ago during a heat gun topic about my {Master} heat gun. :thumbdown


I have used the Master Appliance UT100si soldering gun for years.

I like Master's stuff. I am considiring a heat gun too.

This one is the holy grail of heat gunz :coffee


Shiot thats a big heat gun !!

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